New from Coker Tire: Period-correct whitewalls for popular classics

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Want to add a splash of luxe? One of the ways to do that back in the day was to add whitewall tires to your ride. Fortunately, you can still do that today, thanks to the all-new Coker Classic Star Series whitewall tires. They sport a period-correct look, yet offer the modern-day performance and safety expected in the 21st century.

The Story Behind the Walls


Coker Tire engineered the new line of whitewall tires with all-new molds and compounds. It’s the only tire of its kind built in North America. And it offers a best-in-class speed rating, load rating, tread life and traction.

With the Coker Classic Star Series, engineers placed a large emphasis on balance and performance. The tires are packed with industry-leading features that improve the ride quality and safety of your classic car. For example, Coker Tire designed a tread pattern that looks period-correct, yet offers low noise as well.

The Coker Classic Star Series tires carry a UTQG rating of 480 AA, with Grade-A traction. The treadwear and traction ratings offer a long tread life and excellent wet and dry traction.

For tires used on larger cars, they are built with reinforced sidewalls, putting them in in the Extra Load (XL) category.

These are also the only whitewall tires that come with a T speed rating, too. And all the ratings are backed by third-party testing.

Unlike some whitewall tires, Coker Tire does not add the whitewall after they manufacture the tire. The Coker Classic Star Series tires are built with whitewalls from day one.

Coker Tire takes great pride in its quality control. They stand behind their product, too. The Coker Classic Star Series comes with a Life of the Tread Warranty.

Do They Have My Size?


Okay, so you’re itching to get a set of Coker Classic Star Series tires for your classic. However, do they have your size?

Well, Coker Tire offers 28 sizes, fitting 13- to 17-inch wheels. As you might suspect, they work with a wide range of applications.

Most of the offerings focus on 14- to 15-inch wheels. These sizes are commonly found on classic cars and trucks from the 1940s through the 1970s. However, it also allows for staggered sizing for hot rods and custom builds.

The Coker Classic Star Series features both wide and narrow whitewalls.

So, for those with sports cars, what are some examples of what these tires will fit?

With the 185/80R13, you can install those on 1953-1968 Mercedes-Benzes, such as the 180, 190, 200 and 230.

The 165R15 fitments work with the 1954-1967 Austin-Healey 100-6 and 3000, 1956-’62 Porsche, 1953-1959 Volvo PV444 and many Volkswagen Beetles.

Other fitments include MGs, such as the MGA, TD and TF, 1960s-1970s Alfa Romeo Giulias, and many American classics.

Not sure if Coker Tire has a fitment for your application? Visit and use their handy-dandy fitment guide. Or feel free to talk to the Coker Tire Star Service team by calling 800-251-6336. The specially trained tire and wheel experts are happy to help with order fulfillment, technical support and fitment advice.

Where Can You Find Them?


While the Coker Classic Star Series has just launched, several tire sizes are already in stock, with the full lineup coming real soon. If you’re ready to get your set, you can buy directly from Coker Tire by visiting or calling 800-251-6336. You can also purchase tires through Summit Racing Equipment by visiting or calling 800-230-3030.

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