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Shop Work: Swinging '60s Supercars

We Drive Three Pop-Culture Icons to See if They’re as Cool as the Songs They Inspired

Restoration & Renovation: Replica vs. Real

Can today’s replicas hold a candle to the genuine articles?

Columns: Driving Miss Daisy: The Forgotten Cobra Meant to Succeed the Ford GT

Project Daisy was the thundering 600-horsepower, V10-engined Shelby Cobra concept intended to succeed the original Ford GT. It never happened. But on the 15th anniversary of its debut, we get behind the wheel of this forgotten Cobra for an exclusive drive.

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Jul 11, 2019 by surfshibby07
1992 None Terminator Swapped Mustang Coupe

Swapped everything over from an 03 cobra i had into my 92 coupe. Motor, trans, irs, interior, etc. Built motor/trans and rear end with a vmp tvs 2.65 supercharger. running ...

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