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Car Catcher: A Numbers-Matching 300 SL Roadster With Fitted Luggage

An example of a drop-top 300 SL, complete with fitted luggage.

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Is the Mazda Miata a Classic in Its Own Right? | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

Now that it's three decades old, is it time to consider the original Miata a classic car?

Car Catcher: An Earlier-Model-Year Triumph TR6 With Overdrive

This 1971 Triumph TR6 for sale comes with optional overdrive, three SU carburetors, front and rear sway bars, and chrome wire wheels.

Meet Paul A. Ianuario, Sr., This Year’s Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance Chief Judge

Retired engineer Paul A. Ianuario, Sr., longtime Hilton Head advisor, has been named the chief judge for the 2021 event.

Car Catcher: An Early Steel-Bodied, Carbureted Ferrari 308 GTB

A carbureted 308 built during the transition from fiberglass to steel bodies.

The First Outing of the New H-Modified Racing Club Coming to Lime Rock This May

H-MOD is back, and its first club event is this May at Lime Rock park.

Car Catcher: A U.S.-Spec Cooper S Equipped with the 1275cc Engine

Said to be one of only 636 examples so equipped, and still even has its Hyrdrolastic suspension.

Car Catcher: A 1:1 Scale Model of the Le Mans-Winning Porsche 919

Not the real thing, but maybe the next best thing: a 1:1 scale model of the Le Mans-winning 919.

Is the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT350 the Sensible Alternative to the Original? | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

Want a true, California-built Shelby Mustang, but prices are out of your budget? Why not try the ’67 GT350?

Car Catcher: A Rare Vixen-Body, M-Chassis TVR 2500

One of only 96 TVR 2500s built using the later M Series chassis.

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