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Is this Proteus the next best thing to a genuine Jaguar C-Type? | Car Catcher

Considering that a genuine C-Type can cost upwards of $6 million, this Proteus seems like an acceptable compromise.

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Which Porsche should you buy next? | Coming soon

Almost every Porsche is valuable these days, but which ones will be extra desirable in the coming years?

A one-of-three Huron 4A prototype racer | Car Catcher

The perfect vintage race car? It might be this rare Huron 4A.

Russel Tullius, Group 44 insider, passes at 62

Classic Motorsports contributor and son of Group 44 racing boss Bob Tullius, Russel Tullius, passed away unexpectedly on November 4, 2021.

Why not a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe? | Car Catcher

This Viper Competition Coupe might be the perfect way to make a splash at your next track event.

Hilton Head Concours rises to top-tier status

The 2021 Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance has become a real, first-tier concours event.

Modified Austin Cooper S | Car Catcher

This '66 Cooper S had its 1275cc engine bored out to 1380cc—plus more modifications, including an upgraded suspension.

The weather outside is frightful, but new cold-weather gear from Classic Motorsports is so delightful

You protect your classic from the cold, so why shouldn't you get cozy, too?

How Belgium built the fast Beetle that Wolfsburg didn’t | Coming soon to an issue near you

Back in the '60s, if you wanted the fastest Beetle money could buy, you had to go to Belgium, not Germany.

Lotus Elise equipped with Sport and Touring Packages | Car Catcher

Recently serviced and well equipped, this Elise is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

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