Car Catcher: $310,000 for a Datsun 240Z?!?!

Looks like that just happened over at Bring a Trailer.


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Danny Shields
Danny Shields HalfDork
2/1/20 5:29 a.m.

We are all speechless.

ClearwaterZ New Reader
2/3/20 4:40 p.m.

A perfectly Restored to Condition #1, Concours Example of the first series of the Datsun 240 might sell today for something less than the current cost of a perfect professional restoration. Say $85K to $100K. One of the Nissan Vintage Z’s from 1997 recently sold for over $100K and the Datsun 240Z used as the model for the Franklin Mint Diecast recently sold for $125K+. 

We have all seen examples of super low mileage, "perfect factory original”  special interest cars sell for multiples of their otherwise #1 Restored Condition. Recall the Datsun 260Z 2+2 with super low miles in near perfect “as it left the factory” 100% original condition a couple years ago? Sold for around 4 times the value of a Restored example at  $65K. Had it been restored and not “Original” it might have sold for $15K.

So the only thing surprising about this $310K sale of a Concours Condition Series One, Datsun 240Z in near perfect Original Condition - - some 3x or 4x the value of a restored example. - - it the fact that it existed at all. As they say - “go find another one like it”.   $100K for the car and 3 times that for keeping it in near prefect factory original condition for 50 years.

dougie Reader
2/4/20 10:57 p.m.


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