We Need You and Your Classic Car! Test Tires for Classic Motorsports and Vredestein

Image courtesy Vredestein
Image courtesy Vredestein


Our friends over at Vredestein have asked us to find five readers who we deem worthy to receive a set of their touchstone vintage tire, the Sprint Classic, gratis. The catch? Vredestein wants your feedback in the form of blog posts: one when you initially receive the tires, one after three months of use, and a final summary after six months of driving. We’ll posts your updates on the Classic Motorsports website, and just in case you’re wondering, you do get to keep the tires after the six months are up.

Feel up to the challenge? We'll look at your car, your writing style, your social media reach and your ideas before making our decision, and you can apply right here. Entry ends tonight, June 3rd, at 11:59p.m.

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LanEvo HalfDork
4/11/19 1:06 p.m.

Now that my TR6 project is out of the garage, I've submitted my humble application.

Bob_S New Reader
4/13/19 9:04 a.m.


Vredestein Sprint Classic are now classified as summer tires and have temperature limits on them. 

Same note on Tirerack and Coker websites.

  Note: Tires exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) or lower must be permitted to gradually return to temperatures of at least 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) for at least 24 hours before they are flexed in any manner, such as by adjusting inflation pressures, mounting them on wheels, or using them to support, roll or drive a vehicle. Flexing of the specialized rubber compounds used in Grand Touring Summer tires during cold-weather use can result in irreversible compound cracking. While compound cracking is not a warrantable condition because it occurs as the result of improper use or storage, tires exhibiting compound cracking must be replaced. 

I never new that summer tires could be ruined by just moving the car when the tires are cold. Where I live it gets cold and I drive my car  in to the late fall, sometimes the temperature gets below freezing overnight.  These tires many not be a good fit for me, I was going to buy 2 sets.


cdowd Dork
4/13/19 6:54 p.m.

I applied for my 63 Alfa Romeo spider

Randy_Forbes New Reader
5/2/19 2:07 p.m.

I'm in!

Tberg New Reader
5/9/19 9:23 p.m.

I applied for my '72 Pantera though I doubt they make rear tires in the size (335 35 17)

LanEvo Dork
6/16/19 6:27 p.m.

any news?

Jordan Rimpela
Jordan Rimpela Digital Editor
6/21/19 10:09 a.m.

We're working on narrowing down the entires. Stay tuned.

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