Submitted by stu67tiger on Feb. 6, 2011

Found a MG in Wrentham, MA

Found a MG in Wrentham, MA

Ran When Parked: New England Winter Edition

I’m sure the experts in the audience will recognize the unmistakable shape of a 1971 (+/-) MGB, hidden beneath a blue tarp and over a foot of snow. Located minutes from the RI/MA border, this unfortunate vehicle has been reduced to lawn ornament duty for two, maybe three years. The home owner says it belongs to his son, and he thinks, no, hopes, the son plans to sell it.

When I last saw it on the street it looked to be in decent shape. It’s orange, with the Rostyle (sp?) wheels. But after a few years parked on dirt, under pine trees, covered by a deteriorating blue tarp, I’m sure it would be a bit of a project to get it back on the road.

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