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Bring a Trailer brings a Monterey auction to your home

Here's one more auction to keep an eye on during Monterey Car Week.

Classic Motorsports-featured BMW 3.0 CSL | Car Catcher

This rare 3.0 CSL look familiar? We featured it in our September 2020 issue–and now it could be yours.

Looking for the Perfect Early 911? This Might Be It

This Bahama Yellow '67 911S has some desirable features like a numbers-matching engine and transaxle, as well as a certificate of authenticity from Porsche

Sold: $110,000 for a 950-Mile Dodge Viper | Selling Price Smashes the Norms

Does having low milage really equate to an above-average price tag?

How Much Would You Pay for a Modified Porsche 911?

How much would you pay for this backdated 1975 Porsche 911S?

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Features: Bring a Trailer: Today’s Auction Company for Today’s Auction Shopper

Special interest car auctions aren’t new, but Bring a Trailer tapped an emerging market.

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BaT auction, reserve or no reserve?
1940 LaSalle on BAT, Not Mine But Affiliated
Ooof, C&B offered a 43% lower reserve to me than BaT...
Why am I bidding on a vintage race car?
$310,000 for a Datsun 240Z?!?!
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