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Mk. 1 Sunbeam Tiger with a number of period-correct modifications | Car Catcher

A California car since new, this Sunbeam Tiger features a number of modifications from LAT.

In the September Issue: Convert to LED Lighting

Upgrade Your Aging Bulbs for a Brighter Tomorrow.

Car Catcher: A Sunbeam Tiger Known as the "Monster"

This 1966 Sunbeam Tiger, better known as the "Monster," was previously owned by Alan Fraser and has extensive racing history.

Car Catcher: No Reserve Sunbeam Tiger MkII

If this 1967 Sunbeam Tiger's whitewalls and a hardtop wasn't enough to catch your attention, then how does offered without reserve sound?

Car Catcher: Numbers-Matching 1967 Sunbeam Tiger

A numbers-matching alternative to the Shelby Cobra.

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Buyer's Guides: 5 prep tips for getting top dollar | How to sell a car: Part 2

Here’s how not to sell a car: Stuff it into a poorly lit, crammed garage.

Features: 5 steps to a seamless transaction | How to sell a car: Part 1

Selling a car can be frustrating. Here's how to do it right.

Features: Sampling 5 unique Ford-powered specials

We visit classic car dealer Craig Brody to sample 5 unique Ford-Powered sports specials.

Buyer's Guides: Step away from normalcy with one of these cars

With an oddball, you’ll never pass yourself on the open road, and at car shows you are less likely to be pinned down by some self-professed expert.

Buyer's Guides: Which generation of Sunbeam Tiger is the better buy?

Which breed of this fringe-favorite Cobra alternative should you oounce On?

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1965 Tiger

Is the Sunbeam Tiger a budget-friendly alternative to the Shelby Cobra? Let’s totally restore one and find out. 

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5 things you should know before buying a Sunbeam Tiger

Have you been following our Sunbeam Tiger project and now you want your own?

Here are 5 things you should know before you buy one:

What you should know before buying a Sunbeam Tiger

Enjoying our Sunbeam Tiger project so much that you want your own?

Here are 5 things you should know before you buy: