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What difference does a distributor make on the dyno?

What difference does a distributor make? Does running the correct distributor matter?

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MG | Triumph
Easy ways to improve the Triumph 1500 engine

Factory Triumph Spitfire 1500 and MG Midgets can be improved with some simple upgrades.

Tim Suddard
Staff Writer
Adding a Toyota 5-speed to a Triumph TR6

We fit a Toyota 5-speed transmission to our Triumph TR6 with the help of an HDVA kit, for better driving manners and fuel mileage.

Tim Suddard
Setting the record straight on motor oil for classic cars

Picking the best oil is crucial for your classic, so we ask the experts.

David S. Wallens
engine | Roller Rockers
Roller rockers | Can a simple bolt-on really yield big gains?

Rocker arms are used to articulate the valves in a number of older classics–but that begs an important question: Can the system be improved?

Carl Heideman
electrical | Spark | Ignition
9 steps to easily diagnose ignition problems

As it turns out, most common ignition problems are actually easy to diagnose.

Carl Heideman
SU Carburetor
How to rebuild and tune an SU carburetor

Understanding, Tuning and Rebuilding the SU Carburetor

Carl Heideman
Paint | Restoration
Repainting an Engine Bay in 8 Easy Steps

Sometimes, just cleaning an engine bay isn't enough. In those cases, here are 8 easy steps to repaint your engine's home.

Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
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