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1/21/21 9:49 a.m.

Story by Don Weberg

Many years ago, a high-ranking Italian government official was credited with the following statement: “If it’s good enough for Fiat, it’s good enough for Italy.” 

And, when it came to a tuner for Fiat, Carlo Abarth was the chosen one, which is somewhat ironic as it was the Italian government who brought him to Italy from his native Austria. But that’s another story.

Fiatphiles know well the Carlo Abarth story; a muffler he designed and built for his own personal motorcycle led to a career of producing aftermarket performance parts well before such things were called aftermarket parts. He was also a gifted motorcycle racer at an early age.

Fans will also line up around the block to preach that Abarth vehicles, or cars using the company’s parts, claimed racing victories nearly 7300 times between 1956 and 1971, a record untouched by any other tuner or manufacturer. 

It’s a number so high it seems goofy. It breaks down to about 486 victories per year, or one and a half wins per day. Nutty. 

While Abarth was a racer at heart, he was also a self-proclaimed industrialist. Scuderia Abarth proved extremely capable at tuning and manufacturing, and although his name was emblazoned on other makes, he was especially well known for his magic with Fiats.

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sir_mike New Reader
1/21/21 5:11 p.m.

Need a driving viedo and one so we can hear the exhaust.

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