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ROARRR New Reader
7/11/18 12:17 p.m.

In reply to BoxheadCougarTim :

As an ancient person that has been racing most of my life I can attest that it WASN'T expensive, it started out with YOU and your SO loading a picnic basket into your MG (usually) and driving to the races, unloading them, racing, and driving home. I raced a Lotus 7 which cost me $1900 at the BMC dealer and on a $50.00 ex boat trailer. Many flat towed their car behind the family lump. At the last race at Riverside, a fellow from far north drove his MG down, with the better tyres in the boot , camped beside it and raced. WE had fun and NO didn't win as all but one did!

Compare that to a fellow VARA racing a Lotus Cortina who told me that he had $100,000 in it--HUH?? in a little sedan?? (I've owned several) Sure, racing CAN cost as much as you want OR almost  as little, don't start out with a Ferrari, how about a Sprite or a ZX2, both should qualify as a SPORTS CAR!


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