How to modernize the brakes on a Bugeye Sprite for improved safety

An early Sprite originally had a single master cylinder for not only front and rear brakes but also for the clutch. To remove a single point of failure, dual master cylinders would be mandated by law starting on January 1, 1968. Should there be a hydraulic issue, at least two wheels would still receive braking power.

We decided to convert our Bugeye Sprite–a car built with the best technology of the late 1950s–to this later system. The clutch would also wind up with its own standalone master cylinder. To do this swap, you’ll need the parts from a 1968-and-up Midget. (Some 1967 cars might have come so equipped, too.)

You will need the pedal assembly box, the pedal pivot points cover, and the master cylinders for both clutch and brakes. You can rebuild the master cylinders, or Moss Motors has new ones readily available.

Initially, we could not find the parts needed for this swap and decided to just start with the antiquated single master cylinder system and upgrade when we found the parts later.

Just as we were about to bleed the brakes, we had a chance meeting with Mike Joy, an old friend who’s a familiar face to NASCAR fans. He’s also a Sprite fanatic and consummate car guy.

On our way back from an event, we stopped at his shop and picked up everything needed to make the swap. He even cut a template so we could probably modify the firewall for the later-style brake pedal assembly.

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