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Book Review: “CRASH! From Senna to Earnhardt–How the HANS Device Helped Save Racing”

During preseason testing for the 2001 NASCAR season, Hubbard was in Daytona working with a few drivers. Dale Earnhardt had zero interest in the HANS Device. He died just a few weeks later due to a basal skull fracture. Immediately the HANS Device became front-page news. “CRASH!” details the HANS Device’s history, from impetus to now-ubiquitous piece of motorsports equipment.

Safety articles

Shop Work: Modern Safety Gear for Vintage Racing

Just because it's vintage, doesn't mean its safety equipment has to be. Here's a list of everything you'll need to go racing safely.

Shop Work: How To Run LED Headlights and Taillights on Your Classic

DIY: Upgrading your classic to run LED lights can be easy.

Shop Work: Easy Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Classic

Sure, newer cars have more advanced safety technology built in, but that doesn't mean your classic is inherently unsafe.

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