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The Rise and Fall of Group B

More than 30 years ago, Group B perished in a ball of flames in a ravine in Corsica.

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Chevy Corvair vs. Porsche 356 | Comparison Test

Is the Chevy Corvair really a lower-dollar substitute for the Porsche 356?

Fuel Facts: Which Race Fuel?

Lead was legislated out of pump fuel decades ago, but there’s still a place that you’ll find it: at the track. Which one is right for you?

How to Go Back in Time With Continuation Cars

More than half a century after Carroll Shelby unleashed two of his most storied creations on the driving public, you can buy a new/old Shelby GT350 as well as a …

Is the Rolls-Royce Shadow the Best Car in the World?

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow has been owned by all manner of dignitaries, from rockers and royals to fighters and fashionistas.

20 Revolutionary Automobiles That Shaped Our Modern World | By Peter Brock

Peter Brock—the man who penned the Corvette Sting Ray and transformed Shelby’s Cobra into the streamlined Daytona Coupe—shares his picks of the most iconic automotive designs.

How to Plan a Perfect Restoration—and What to Do When Things Go Horribly Wrong

A properly restored classic can provide years of enjoyment with regular maintenance. If mistakes are made during the restoration process, our tips will help you make the best of a …

The Non-917: A Porsche Replica That Makes Sense

This is not a genuine Porsche 917, yet when its flimsy door shuts and you’re enclosed in its tiny bubble of a cockpit, you can immediately see yourself from the …

Column: When Does Habit Become Vice?

We explore the point at which being a car enthusiast can be problematic, and each stage to being overwhelmed by collecting.

Are Your Tires Too Old to Be Safe?

Even if they don’t wear out from use, our tires are aging out due to the simple fact that the components used in their manufacture doesn’t last forever.

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