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MGB: Expert advice on shopping and ownership

The MGB is an iconic sports car that ruled the budget sports car world through the 60's and 70's–here's what you need to know if you want one for yourself.

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Alfa Romeo | Mazda | MG | Triumph | Miata | spider | mgb | TR6 | Car Comparison
Which classic roadster? | Alfa Spider vs. MGB vs. TR6 vs. Miata

We test the Alfa Spider, MGB, TR6 and Miata against each other to find out which one offers the biggest bang for your buck.

Tim Suddard
Buyer's Guides | mgb | GT
Why you should buy an MGB GT

Expert tips on buying and maintaining an MGB GT.

David S. Wallens
Honda | mgb | S2000 | F-Series
This stock-looking MGB hides modern Honda power

This MGB may look stock, but Honda power lets it howl all the way to 9000 rpm.

John Webber
Ford | MG | mgb | Engine swap | Zetec | MGZ
Meet the MGZ, a Ford Zetec-powered MGB

How to make the most of an MGB? How about swapping in a 2.0-liter, twin-cam Ford Zetec engine?

John Webber
MG | mgb
A simple recipe for a sleek, subtly lowered MGB

Dropping our rubber-bumper MGB by 1.5 inches gave it a subtly sportier stance. Here's how we did it.

Staff Writer
MG | SCCA | Vintage Race Cars | Vintage Racing | mgb | HSR | Historic Sportscar Racing | Huffaker Engineering
This unique MGB racer overcame the odds to become a true survivor

This Huffaker-built MGB race car is a remarkable example of what can happen when the odds aren’t given a chance to take hold.

Scott Lear
MG | mgb | v6 | Engine swap | MGB GT
This MGB features Capri V6 power

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Bill Guzman's once-burned MGB GT now sports a V6 from a Ford Capri.

Zachary Mayne
MG | mgb | Replica | Fiberglass | MG TF | kit car | Victor MG TF | Victor Replicars
Victor MG TF Replica | Expert-fooling looks with highway-ready MGB power

Don’t dismiss this fiberglass copy as some ill-handling VW rollerskate with different bodywork. This TF replica is based on the MGB.

John Webber
MG | mgb | Shop Work
How to Make an MGB Three Seconds Quicker in Six Steps

Here are six steps that will let you get more modern power out of an old school MG MGB.

Carl Heideman
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