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Feb 04, 2022
1972 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Sponsored Content Presented by RM Sotheby’s. Want to stand out at your next track event? Just show up in this track-ready Pantera GTS. Made up to look like an FIA …

Cars For Sale | 323i
1980 Cars For Sale BMW

What’s more rad than a first-generation BMW 3-Series? One fitted with the uncommon Alpina Appearance Package. The listing doesn’t mention specifics, but the E21 looks to be fitted with Alpina …

Sponsored Content | Wire Wheel | Cars For Sale | Elise Motorsport
2000 Sponsored Content Lotus

Sponsored Content Presented by Wire Wheel Classic Sports Cars. Although not formally imported into the United States, there's still a few Series 1 Lotus Elises to be found on the market–like this …

Toyota | Cars For Sale
1996 Toyota Crown Royal Extra

Sure, this might look like a Lexus LS with a different badge on the grille, but a peek in the window should give you a hint that it’s much more …

Triumph | Cars For Sale
1957 Triumph TR3

Love the Triumph TR3 but don’t like the wide grille of later models? You should check out this earlier “small mouth” model. This example also comes with documentation and copies …

Toyota | Cars For Sale
1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

Looking for a classic that’s only going to appreciate for the foreseeable future? Try the fourth-gen Toyota Supra. Which one to get, then? Try this 1994 example, offered as a …

Cars For Sale | Kaiser-Frazer
1951 Cars For Sale Henry J

Naming cars after people can be risky. On one hand you get names like the Ferrari Enzo and the McLaren Senna. On the other hand, you get the Kaiser-Frazer Henry …

DeLorean | Cars For Sale
1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Turbo

Despite its dramatic styling, the DeLorean disappoints in one key area: performance. Thankfully, this DMC-12 attempts to fix that shortcoming by adding forced induction–in this case, a turbocharger. Said to …

BMW | Cars For Sale
1989 BMW E30 M3

Is the first version of anything truly the best? The E30 M3 certainly makes a compelling argument in favor. As for this particular E30 M3, it’s noted to have spent …

Mercedes-Benz | Cars For Sale
1958 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

If you wanted the stunning looks of the 300 SL but couldn’t swallow the price, Mercedes-Benz had the perfect car for you starting in 1955: the 190 SL. As for …

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