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Ferarri 250 GT Cabriolet with a $1 million restoration | Car Catcher

If you're looking for the most well-preserved Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet, this example should be near the top of your list.

Rosso Rubino Ferrari 308 GTSi | Car Catcher

Just before the introduction of the Quattrovalvole, Ferrari produced a fuel-injected version of the 308 GTB and GTS, the GTBi/GTSi.

Ferrarina TR250 child's car once owned by the Rockefeller Family | Car Catcher

Not a full-sized Ferrari, but a Ferrari-produced child's car known as a Ferrarina.

4100-mile Ferrari Testarossa | Car Catcher

This low-mileage Testarossa is not only Classiche certified, but also comes with a complete Schedoni leather luggage set.

Final production year Ferrari 328 GTS | Car Catcher

Said to have been well-maintained, this 328 GTS hails from the final year Ferrari produced the model, 1989.

Euro-spec Ferrari 400i convertible previously owned by Sir Elton John | Car Catcher

This convertible 400i is said to have been owned by Sir Elton John–no word on if a bedazzled baseball uniform is included, though.

Early fiberglass-bodied Ferrari 308 GTB | Car Catcher

Not just a fiberglass 308, but one of only 100 built to U.S. specification.

A one-of-100 Ferrari 330 GTS Spider | Car Catcher

A well-documented history and a number of concourse trophies. What more could you expect from one of the rarest Ferraris around?

Final-year Ferrari F355 Spider | Car Catcher

Featuring only 21,000 miles, this drop-top F355 is noted as being a well-maintained example.

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