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A Crash Course in Diminished Value

Your baby’s bent, and it wasn’t your fault. Can a diminished value claim make you whole again?

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12 Tips For Better Project Car Management

Restoring a car is more than just the grunt work. You need to have a game plan, too.

Project Car Perfection: 23 Ways to Improve Your Classic Car

23 Easy Improvements to Make Your Classic Run Flawlessly and Look Like a Million Bucks

Tech Tips: Triumph TR6

What does it take to own the iconic and capable Triumph TR6? Our experts share their knowledge.

This Cobra Was Found in a Bubble, Not a Barn

Nowadays, Cobras are more often found in a barn. For this Shelby Cobra CSX 2384, however, spent its hibernation in a bubble.

The Restoration Game: When to Say When

It's a fine line between going too far or not doing enough.

Nanoceramics: Think of It as Five-Year Car Wax

You know that wax that you have been rubbing all over your car? A modern alternative exists: nanoceramics. If applied correctly, we’re talking about years of protection.

Modest Mods: Supercharged MGB

Bill Hiland upgraded his MGB with modern wheels and tires, some suspension tweaks and even a supercharger, but it remains a fun little British roadster.

Back From the Dead: Resurrecting That Barn Find

We show you how to safely get your barn find classic car back on the road after it has been stored for years at a time.

Tech Talk: Diagnosing Classic Brakes

Don’t Settle for So-So Performance From Your Classic’s Brakes

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