How to perform a comprehensive ignition tune-up

A faulty ignition system will certainly ruin your day. Here are some steps to make sure that doesn't happen.

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What difference does a distributor make on the dyno?

What difference does a distributor make? Does running the correct distributor matter?

9 steps to easily diagnose ignition problems

As it turns out, most common ignition problems are actually easy to diagnose.

Why a more modern gear-reduction starter makes a wise upgrade

Why upgrade to a more modern gear-reduction starter? How does a starter that's lighter, more reliable and more efficient than the one originally fitted to your classic sound?

How to easily fit a modern battery in a classic car

How to properly adapt a modern battery to your favorite classic car.

Is the Chevy Corvair really just a poor man's Porsche?

Is the Chevy Corvair really a lower-dollar substitute for the Porsche 356?

The Proper Way to Upgrade Your British Classic to a Modern Alternator

Most alternator conversions are bad news, but here's the proper approach to making your swap the exception.

How To Add Accessory Power Outlets To Your Classic

Once known as cigarette lighters, accessory outlets are standard fare on modern cars. Here is how to add one to your classic.

All British
Going Negative

Reversing the polarity in your classic British car.

Jaguar , MG , Triumph
Zap It!

Does your classic need an ignition upgrade?

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