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Porsche Pariahs: The 914 and 914-6

Once Dismissed as Lesser Models, the 914 and 914-6 Are Now in Demand–but Which One Is Worth the Money?

Featured makes: Porsche
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Inspired By Chance: The Story of Allard's Revival

Allard’s resurrected roadster captures the essence of what a sports car should be.

Featured makes: Allard
Make it Sing: 10 Steps to Performance-Tuning Your Favorite Classic

You’ve rebuilt the engine, redone the body, and rejuvenated the suspension. Your latest restoration project is ready for the open road, right? Not always.

Featured makes: Triumph
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Going Vintage: Making the Switch from SCCA to Vintage Racing

What Happens When You Switch From the Top of the SCCA Ranks to Vintage Racing? Less Stress, More Camaraderie

Featured makes: MG
Shop Secrets: 80 Tips for Success

80 Clever Tips for Streamlining Your Workspace

The Rise and Fall of Group B

More than 30 years ago, Group B perished in a ball of flames in a ravine in Corsica.

Featured makes: Audi , Lancia , Peugeot , Renault
Project Car Perfection: 23 Ways to Improve Your Classic Car

23 Easy Improvements to Make Your Classic Run Flawlessly and Look Like a Million Bucks

Featured makes: All
Road Royalty: The Mercedes-Benz 300SL and 190SL

The Greatest Road Car Ever Built and Its Cult-Classic Sibling

Featured makes: Mercedes-Benz
Hot Tip: How Drew Alcazar Nabbed His Collection's Crown Jewel

Drew Alcazar, the face of the Russo and Steele auction house, picked up the trail of this time-capsule Boss Mustang from a kid at the Pomona swap meet back in ...

Featured makes: Ford
One Man's Passion: How Bill Warner Created a Concours for Everyone

Bill Warner's insight and ability to know what’s best for his event sets him apart from the rest. Where many companies assemble focus groups and pay consultants to do surveys, ...

Featured makes: All
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