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The Fate of a 300 SL Roadster That Swept a Princess Off Her Feet

Every now and then, a coincidence arises that is so uncanny, so unlikely, that it seems preordained. Certain cars seem to have destinies of their own, like this Mercedes-Benz 300 ...

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When the Value Is in the Story, the Mission Changes When Restoring Race Cars

Race cars tend to live brief, intense lives that make them a tough sell to a restorer. But if you dig deep enough, most old competition machines will reveal a ...

The Ford GT40 Succeeded on the Track, but Failed on the Streets

When Ford tried to bring the GT40 to the road with its Mk III, it failed miserably: Just seven cars were made, and Ford couldn’t even sell all of those.

Searching for a Rare Version of an Already-Rare BMW 3.0 CSL

Getting your hands on a BMW 3.0 CSL is hard enough, but finding one with the rare City Package? That's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After More Than 40 Years, a Stolen Austin-Healey Is Back Where It Belongs

One night in 1970, Bob Russel parked his Austin Healey 3000 on the street. The next morning, it was gone. It would be over 40 years before Russel would see ...

The Arnolt-MG Was an Amalgamation of MG Power Under a Bertone Body

Bertone style, MG running gear, and the unique creative vision of an eccentric industrialist resulted in the Arnolt-MG.

Concours d’Cancelation: The Making of a Virtual Event

Getting the very first Concours d'Cancelation off the ground was no easy feat, but here is how we pulled it off.

Meet the Winners | Concours d’ Cancelation

Over 200 individuals entered the very first Concours d'Cancelation. Here are the judges' top picks.

The Junior Zagato 1600 Is a Small Alfa With a Big Heart

Despite the Junior Zagato 1600's economical engine, the car's sleek styling and fun handling have made it a desirable Italian classic.

REC Watches: Turning Classic Cars Into Classic Timepieces

Featuring real pieces from iconic classics like the Porsche 911 and Mini Cooper, REC watches makes timepieces that are more than just inspired by the automobile.

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