Aerovault and Brock Racing Enterprises visit | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval

Time for another road trip.

With the pandemic finally in remission, the time has come to pick up the 1952 Morgan that we bought last year. It’s been stored in Stockton, California, not exactly close to our Central Florida home.

Okay, yes, we could have shipped the Morgan our way, but we decided to pick it up in person. The car comes with a lot of spares, and we’re always up for a road trip, especially one with a few complications.

So, here's our rather involved plan:

  • Step 1: We would ship our Ford Expedition tow pig to Las Vegas. Isn’t Stockton up near the Bay Area? Yes, it is, but first we'd stop in Las Vegas (actually, nearby Henderson), home to Brock Racing Enterprises and Aerovault. Peter and Gayle Brock have created a trailer unlike any other: Its aerodynamic properties make it incredibly stable and fuel efficient. We’re going to borrow one for the haul.
  • Step 2: From Vegas, we’d head to Stockton via Death Valley. Should be nice this time of year.
  • Step 3: Once up in the Bay Area, we’re going to take four days to pre-run our Golden State Tour route. This classic sports car tour takes place the first week of October.
  • Step 4: Once finished in California, we would take back roads to see some of our great country.

And before we got on the plane, we had our first snafu: After telling us that everything was handled with time to spare, our shipping company failed to pick up our Expedition. Totally ghosted us.

Rent a car for the drive back? Have you seen the rates lately?

But we got lucky: A friend who lives in South Florida just happened to need a Chevy Suburban retrieved from–of all places–Las Vegas. We’re not making this up.

So we flew to Las Vegas where, in theory, a 20-year-old Suburban would await. While heading out in a vehicle with an unknown history might not be the smartest move, the stars seemed to be telling us to go for it.

Watch for updates from Tim and Margie as the trip unfolds. And if you see them on the side of the road, wave.


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duke906 New Reader
7/1/21 9:41 a.m.


Normally I can't stomach two tone paint jobs on cars BUT the photo of Pete B's 240Z is a winner!

Looking forward to reading about your travels


Kevin  R.

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