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Wide Open: The Mercedes T80 Land Speed Car

An 80-Year-Old Design That Could Still Beat the Wheel-Driven Land-Speed Record Today-If It Were Ever Finished

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Zero Breakdowns: Our 2019 Smoky Mountain Tour was a Rousing Success!

Twenty-two Cars. Zero breakdowns. Beautiful weather, amazing food. The Smoky Mountain Tour was a success.

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We're Having a Great Time on The Smoky Mountain Tour!

You want to be here for the next one!

Why not a Targa? Is the Open-Top Porsche Today's Best Value?

Air-cooled Porsche 911 prices show no signs of going down, so why not buy the one bucking the trend? Enter the Targa.

Star Quality: The Alfa Romeo Montreal

It Has the Style and the Sound, but Where’s the Glory?

The Non-917: A Porsche Replica That Makes Sense

This is not a genuine Porsche 917, yet when its flimsy door shuts and you’re enclosed in its tiny bubble of a cockpit, you can immediately see yourself from the ...

Fixing Fletcher

To Restore or Not to Restore? That Is the Question.

A Midlife Moment: A Late Bloomer Does the La Carrera Panamericana

Not all crises of fate involve ill-bought purchases or questionable lifestyle changes: Some deal with setting your sights on a goal and going all in to accomplish it. Such is ...

Meet the Youngtimers

Automotive Millennials Are Becoming Classics

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