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Magnette Attraction

The advanced design of the 1954-’58 MG Magnette makes it a very desirable sports sedan—if you can find one that isn’t a rust bucket.

Featured makes: MG
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A Dream Car Comes True

The Alfa Romeo Montreal: a show car that actually saw production

Featured makes: Alfa Romeo
Replica vs. Real

Can today’s replicas hold a candle to the genuine articles?

Featured makes: AC , Shelby
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Porsche 914

A brief review of this Porsche model will remove all doubts as to why the 914 has risen from ignominy to become a favorite among enthusiasts.

Featured makes: Porsche
The 1962-1980 MGB

Everybody’s Favorite English Sports Car

Featured makes: MG
The Big Healey

Looking for something a bit fancier than an MG or Triumph? Austin-Healey has your answer.

Featured makes: Austin-Healey
Technically Perfect

A Time-Warp Tiger

Featured makes: Sunbeam
2002 REDO

Driving a brand-new 33-year-old BMW

Featured makes: BMW

The Mazda Cosmo Sport Helped Introduce the Rotary Engine to the Masses

Featured makes: Mazda
Good Thing, Small Package

Minis Come in a Variety of Shapes, but Only One Size

Featured makes: Mini
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