Relive the excess of the 1980s: 6 cars to buy now

Until that time machine is working, here are six paths to relive the days of MTV, big hair and transferring money from one perception to another.

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Why can't we all be less judgmental on the road?

At the end of the day, aren't we all just trying to get from here to there–and maybe showing off a little individuality along the way, too?

Tim Suddard
Could your latest classic actually come from the computer age?

Can a later car deliver the classic Porsche 911 ownership experience? Our trip down this path has taught us a few things.

David S. Wallens
Is this a Porsche 917 replica that actually makes sense?

This is not a genuine Porsche 917, yet when its flimsy door shuts and you’re enclosed in its tiny cockpit, it might as well be the real deal.

Staff Writer
Is the East African Safari Rally really the world's toughest?

Tackle Africa’s roughest roads in a vintage Porsche 911? You can do that.

Staff Writer
Which Porsches will the next generation covet? We asked the experts.

Tastes change over time, yet Porsches have remained in favor for generations. The experts list the models to watch next.

David S. Wallens
Collecting cars is like creating your own personal amusement park

You wouldn't go to an amusement park just to ride a single ride, so why settle for a single car?

Guest Writer
914 and 914-6 | Which is the better Porsche to buy?

For decades the Porsche 914 and 914-6 have lived in the shadows. Now, finally, demand is on the rise. The cars turn heads and offer a unique motoring experience.

Tim Suddard
Forget the Stetson, this Porsche 356 Outlaw wears a bubbletop

The light and nimble 356 is highly desirable as built. Even so, some owners crave more.

John Webber
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Step away from normalcy with one of these cars

With an oddball, you’ll never pass yourself on the open road, and at car shows you are less likely to be pinned down by some self-professed expert.

Tim Suddard
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