34-point road trip checklist

It's always good to prepare. Here's a thorough checklist to ensure your next road trip gets started on the right foot.

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Picking the right fire extinguisher for your classic

Showing a classic? Driving a classic? Whether it’s a race car or not, are you prepared for a fire?

10 tips for safe, sure-footed brakes

A car that can’t come to a safe, sure stop has no business being on the road or track.

How to diagnose that errant noise

Not sure what that noise is? Check our guide to find out what it is so you can make it stop.

Easy ways to improve the safety of your classic

Sure, newer cars have more advanced safety technology built in, but that doesn't mean your classic is inherently unsafe.

How to run LED headlights and taillights on your classic

DIY: Upgrading your classic to run LED lights can be easy.

Running on Old Tires vs. New Tires

Even though performed this test a while ago, the results bear repeating.

Modern Safety Gear for Vintage Racing

Just because it's vintage, doesn't mean its safety equipment has to be. Here's a list of everything you'll need to go racing safely.

Fighting Fires

Fire in a race car is a dangerous and undoubtedly terrifying experience.

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