Window Shopper: Porsche 356B

Looking for a classic Porsche on a budget? The 356B may be your answer.

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Dealer Profile: Copley Motorcars

Copley Motorcars don't just try to sell cars, they search out models that they think fit the customer.

Better Buy It Now: 1968-'69 MGC

The MGC was only produced for two model years and Hagerty shows rising prices.

Ferrari 360 Modena

Can you own a good Ferrari for new-Corvette money?

Window Shopper: Triumph Spitfire

Modest prices, maximum fun.

Aston Martin
Depreciation Station: Jaguar XKR

What’s as beautiful as an Aston Martin, as thrifty as a Mustang GT, and costs the same as a loaded Camry?

Window Shopper: MG T Series

Pure sports car enjoyment can be found in these classic Brits.

Depreciation Station: C6 Corvette

Good, old-fashioned American muscle can get you supercar performance for a fraction of the price.

Window Shopper: Morris Minor

It's a practical classic with almost as much British character as a double-decker bus.

Depreciation Station: Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG

An AMG for $30,000? The swift depreciation of German cars does not exclude the quickest and most luxurious.

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