Volkswagen Beetle: What to know before you buy

Whether you race it, show it or just admire it, the Volkswagen Beetle is a welcome addition to any classic car collection.

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Making our Beetle more comfortable with an all-in-one insulation kit

A complete interior insulation kit that can be easily installed with little modification? That's what Design Engineering, Inc. says of its complete custom kits.

Chris Tropea
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Why a small car could be the perfect classic for you

Wonder if a small car can really be fun? Just ask any Mini owner.

Staff Writer
Mach 1: Belgium’s thwarted attempt to produce a hotter VW Beetle

This isn’t just a Bug wearing a racing stripe. The Mach 1 Beetles also received enough horsepower to cut zero-to-60 times nearly in half.

Johan Dillen
How to help a friend restart a stalled project

What do you do when a friend has a stalled project? Instead of poking fun, how about actually helping them?

David S. Wallens
This survivor is one of just 2000 proto-Beetles ever built

After World War II, British Major Ivan Hirst revived the Volkswagen factory to produce just 2000 of these proto-Beetles.

Axel E. Catton
Beat the rush | 16 classics to buy now

Want to be ahead of the market? Here are 16 classics you should buy now.

David S. Wallens
What you need to know before buying a VW Rabbit GTI

Expert tips on buying, maintaining and modifying the Volkswagen Rabbit GTI.

David S. Wallens
A picture-perfect VW pairing

It's not the fastest tow vehicle, but this VW Transporter Pickup may well be one of the coolest in the paddock.

Tim Suddard
Can a sealer kit save a rusty, 50-year-old gas tank? | KBS Coatings

Rust in the gas tank usually calls for a replacement, but is it possible to reseal it–and save some money?

Chris Tropea
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