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Never Change Your Coolant Again?

This Game-Changing New Coolant Technology Removes Water From the Equation

Featured makes: Ford
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13 Tips for Elevating Your Driver Into a Concours Winner

We’ve taken home awards from Amelia Island, and we’ve been on the other side of the process as judges at Pinehurst, Hilton Head and, yes, even Amelia Island. Here are ...

Featured makes: Austin
How-To: DIY Convertible Top Repair

We share a convertible top repair that’s a cinch with easily procured supplies and instructions from the crafts people at Automotive Restorations Inc.

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Adding Five Speeds to our Triumph With an HVDA Kit

The four-speed Triumph TR box is nice, but the car really needs an overdrive or fifth gear to purr instead of howl at highway speeds. We install an extra gear ...

Featured makes: Triumph
Fortify Your 1500: Improving 1500 Spitfire and Midget Engines

Factory Triumph Spitfire 1500 and MG Midgets can be improved with some simple upgrades and a pair of SU carburetors, here's how we did it.

Featured makes: MG , Triumph
Off Our Rockers, New Sills for This Old MGB

One of the most common places rust materializes on British and Italian sports cars is down in the rocker panels—also known as the sills.

Featured makes: MG
DIY Paint Chip Fix

How to make that paint chip disappear in 11 steps.

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80 Clever Tips for Streamlining Your Workspace

Fighting Fires

Fire in a race car is a dangerous and undoubtedly terrifying experience.

Featured makes: Triumph
10 Speed Secrets for the Rest of Us

Tips from an expert on vintage racing.

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