The Ford GT40 succeeded on the track, but failed on the streets

When Ford tried to bring the GT40 to the road with its Mk III, it failed miserably: Just seven cars were made, and Ford couldn’t even sell all of those.

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Lotus Cortina | From sedate sedan to lethal track weapon

This is the story of how the Ford Cortina–with help from Lotus–became a true giant killer on track.

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10 steps to faster laps from driving coach Peter Krause

Driving coach Peter Krause shares 10 basic tips to faster laps in your favorite race car, and how to master them.

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Are all classics an investment? | By The Numbers

We look at the class of 1970 to see which classics have become great investments and which ones have not.

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A Ford Cortina with a V8 Secret

50-Plus Years After the Seed Was Planted, a V8-Powered Cortina GT Finally Comes to Life.

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A Rare Ford Consul Capri Shows Off Its American Side

Note: Any Consul Capri purists reading this can rest assured that no metal was harmed in this process.

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A Legend Laid Bare: The Very First Shelby Cobra

At the wheel of the very first Shelby Cobra, a priceless piece of history that begs to be thrashed.

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Why not a Funky British Sedan?

Classics come in all shape and sizes, and plenty of them can accommodate your family. While these vintage sedans are rare here in the States, the parts supply is healthy …

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Tech Tips: 1965-'68 Shelby Mustang GT350

Shelby’s transformation of the Mustang is the stuff of legend. When it comes to making it even better, Cobra Automotive has answers.

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Always A Racer: 1965 Shelby GT350

This 1965 Shelby GT350 may be well-traveled and well used–though it's still a terrific contender.

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