The Auburn Auction: 18 Cars to Watch | Prewar race cars to modern exotics

Unique cars, laden with history, highlight The Auburn Auction.

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Who's The Boss? Cobra Automotive's Boss 302 Mustang

Get inside the head of Cobra Automotive's Curt Vogt and into the cockpit of his hellacious Boss 302 Mustang.

Tim Suddard
The Complete Book of Ford Mustang: Every Model Since 1964-1/2 | Book Review

A review of “The Complete Book of Ford Mustang: Every Model Since 19641/2” by Mike Mueller.

Colin Wood
Striking a Balance Between Preservation and Present Needs

We’ve raised our Shelby a couple of letter grades, and it now looks like a decent used car instead of a ratty barn find.

Tim Suddard
Alfa Romeo , Austin-Healey , BMW , Datsun , Ford , MG , Mini , Porsche , Triumph
Your First Race Car: 12 Excellent Vintage Vehicles for Beginners

Answering a Popular Question: What Is the Best Car for the Beginning Vintage Racer?

Staff Writer
Ford , Shelby
Improving Handling on Our 1967 Shelby Mustang GT350

Some suspension work totally transformed our Shelby from an understeering stiff to a comfortable cruiser.

Tim Suddard
Alfa Romeo , BMW , Datsun , Ford , Toyota , Volvo
Small-Bore Sedan Racing: Big Back in the Day, Just as Big Today

Fifty years ago, small-bore sedan racing exploded upon the professional and amateur scenes. Today multiple groups keep small-bore racing’s flame alive from coast to coast. They’re also having a lot …

Staff Writer
Elva , Ford , Lancia , Volvo
The Classic Alternatives: Volvo 123GT, Lancia Scorpion, Elva Courier, and Holman Moody Fairlane

Stand Out From the Crown With One of These Lesser-Known Sporty Cars

Scott Lear
Depreciation Station: 2005-'14 Ford Mustang GT

The 2005-’14 Mustang, often referred to by its S197 chassis code, ushered in the Mustang’s current retro styling. Under the skin, the S197 Mustang is all traditional American pony car.

Staff Writer
Hot Tip: How Drew Alcazar Nabbed His Collection's Crown Jewel

Drew Alcazar, the face of the Russo and Steele auction house, picked up the trail of this time-capsule Boss Mustang from a kid at the Pomona swap meet back in …

David S. Wallens
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