How to upgrade a classic car to a modern alternator

We show you how to convert your classic car's dated electrical system to a modern alternator.

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The realities of restoring a race car

Old race cars might live in grainy black and white, but bringing them into today’s world can require some hardnosed detective work–and some tough decisions.

How to extend your wrenching years

How to keep on working in your later years? We strive to make things safe and comfortable.

12 tips for better project car management

Restoring a car is more than just the grunt work. You need to have a game plan, too.

Stay out of your own way | 8 tips on how to better assemble a car

Whether you are working on a priceless Ferrari or a commonplace Beetle, here are eight tips to ensure correct reassembly.

Do you take the time to stop and think during a restoration?

How do you account for the time spent studying, learning, planning and ordering parts during a restoration?

DIY convertible top repair

How to repair a tear in a convertible top at home.

Dry ice blasting: A better way to clean that project?

On paper, dry ice blasting promises an easier, less toxic way to clean a project car compared to chemical cleansers or media blasting–but does it deliver in the real world?

How to plan for the best restoration–and what to do if it goes wrong

Even with the best of intentions, not all restorations go according to plan. Here are some tips to make the best of a bad situation.

18 tips to ensure an organized restoration

Here are 18 steps to keep your restoration organized and going smoothly.

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